Zeus Thunder Z-Wax

Zeus Thunder Z-Wax

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Fitted with a screw on splash cap, this atomizer conserves concentrates by preventing them from splashing around during vaping. The cap also makes cleaning the atomizer very easy, letting vapers concentrate only on the good stuff. Fitted with an O ring design at the top of the mouthpiece, the atomizer ensures cloud chasers get the best out of the vaping experience. The atomizer can be bought as a spare, for eventualities such as a dirty and damaged original atomizer. The Z-Wax 2 – ZEUS Thunder 2 is easy to clean, fashionable and portable enough to be discrete when fitted with a vaping pen.

Easy to clean, this wax tank makes it convenient for vapers to get rid of wax that builds up over time, creating more time to enjoy vaping from its mouthpiece. This atomizer offers value for money, as it provides the best of vapers during production. Designed without dyes, or exposed metals, vapers can get the ultimate experience as the flavour of vapour produced is not diluted; pure, intense and strong flavours which stay true to the wax concentrates put in this atomizer is what cloud chasers get to inhale. The Z-Wax 2 – ZEUS Thunder 2 also comes with a ceramic heating pad which is a new innovation, as it works better than metal coil models; this design also works to produce fresh and pure vapour.

Features and Specifications:

  • Ceramic heating pad
  • Screw on splash cap