Randy's Small 4' Bundle of Hemp Wick

Randy's Small 4' Bundle of Hemp Wick

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Go natural with Randy’s line of Hemp Wick! Traditional butane lights can have the user inhaling many noxious gases during each use. Hemp Wick will deliver the user a better tasting, butane-free hit. Simply light your hemp wick and then transfer it to your legal herb, and as a result you will be able to avoid any inhalation of butane gas.  Once lit, hemp wick will burn for long, extended periods of time. 

Randy's 4 foot bundle of hemp wick is the perfect sized hemp wick for use on the go. Randy's hemp wick fits conveniently in your pocket so you can light your favorite herbs the all natural way with Randy's hemp wick.


  • Made with Organic Hemp & Beeswax
  • No Butane taste or smell
  • More control of flame
  • Clean hits!