PUFFCO Plus V3 Vaporizer
PUFFCO Plus V3 Vaporizer

PUFFCO Plus V3 Vaporizer

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The Plus is where it all begins. This award-winning, all-in-one portable dab pen has been upgraded to make it easier than ever to enjoy concentrates everywhere. The mouthpiece houses the Dart, an extendable loading tool that inserts into the ceramic chamber to give you a seamless, discreet, and flavorful experience. The 510 battery has one button, offering standard hold-to-heat, Sesh Mode, and three precision heat settings. There’s no better way to start exploring the world of concentrates.

Product Features:
- Coil-less ceramic bowl
- Built-in extendable loading tool
- Built-in carb cap
- 3 heat settings
- Sesh-mode functionality
- Fast charging and long battery life
- Precision machined alloy housing
- Fingerprint-resistant coating

What's Included:
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Dart
1 x Chamber + Grip
1 x 510 Battery
1 x Plus Supercharger
4 x Cotton Swabs