Gordo Scientific OPAL TERP PEARLS

Gordo Scientific OPAL TERP PEARLS

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Gordo Scientific OPAL TERP PEARLS

  • @RubyPearlCo Opal Terp Pearls

  • Ruby Perl Co
  • Multiple Size options available
  • Synthetic opals to help increase surface area and heat retention

  • Increased Surface Area

  • Great Heat Retention

  • Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution while your gemstone is hot, It can cause thermal shock and crack it. Use a dry cotton swab and heat to clean.

  • Do Not apply a direct flame to your gemstone or it will cause thermal shock.

  • All ruby, sapphire, opal products provided by Ruby Pearl Co are Lab-grown in China. All ruby, sapphire and opal materials have been TGA Tested (conducted at the University of Nevada)