Lift Innovations 4 Piece Grinder - BLACK

Lift Innovations 4 Piece Grinder - BLACK

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Lift Innovations 4 Piece Grinder (BLACK)

An innovative design, combined with high quality craftsmanship, rewards you with the best experience any grinder has to offer. It's effortless operation allows you to enjoy your ritual one turn at a time.

This 4 piece variation allows you to collect pollen. Remove the screen chamber to reduce the size for your convenience.

Manufactured entirely in North America so you can feel great every time you pick it up.

Lifetime Warranty


2 1/2 inches diameter

2 1/4 inches tall


Accepts 3 different sized sifting discs; personalize the size of your grind

Accepts 3 different sized mesh screens; choose how much pollen you want to collect

Convenient quarter turn thread design

Unbreakable stainless steel blade

Easily access pollen with rounded bottom bowl

Patent pending wedge design

6061-T6 Aluminum and stainless steel construction

Electroplated anodization for tough non-stick surface

Manufactured in Canada