Futo GX - Bocote Dugout with Glass One-Hitter

Futo GX - Bocote Dugout with Glass One-Hitter

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Made from Bocote, a high end exotic wood from South America, Pronounced "BO-COAT-E" - its one of our favorite woods, with awesome striped grain and sometimes swirly figure.


What's a model GX? Due to popular demand we started making these dugouts to work for a 12mm glass one hitter. Our design fits the glass perfectly, and we custom make our own glass hitters for them. The one hitters are 3" long and about a half inch in diameter with a medium sized bowl and a cold ground edge to create the required bevel, so they can easily be twisted into your stash and load the bowl.


What's a dugout? They've been around since the seventies, its a convenient portable smoking system. Store some of your favorite tobacco or herbal remedies inside the "stash" and load the cigarette style pipe or "bat" with a simple twist. The pipe or “one hitter” holds enough for one or two puffs. The poker stored in the box can be used to easily clean out your pipe. They are stylish and discrete, and also conserve your tobacco or other products.


4.0” tall
2” wide
0.8” thick