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Tourist focusvape is a 2 in 1 vaporizer meaning it can handle both herbs and concentrates. While most of the time multi-functional units tend to not do either function particularly well, the Tourist Focusvape defies this trend offering an excellent, water filtered, session for herbs and concentrates alike.
Tourist Focusvape VaporizerFor vaporizing dry herbs there is a replacement Dry Herb attachment which you screw onto the base of unit – the battery. If you prefer vaporizing waxes over herbs attach the wax attachment to the base and use water filter for the inhalation.
Whenever you change the “dry herb” mode to the “wax mode” you must flip the switch to the “wax” mode. The smart system can recognize if your settings don’t match with the attachment – this way it can work perfectly for both modes.
The Tourist offers a wide range of temperatures to choose from – you can vaporize dry herbs up to 240°C if you want huge clouds, so you can hit the best temperature you want. Waxes could be heated up to 410°C.

After all that, it has a Magnetic Base which allows the Tourist to stand still while you enjoy it.


Dual Mode

The Tourist is able to achieve a unique and satisfying session for both dry herbs and concentrates because the unit actually comes with 2 different attachments for each method.

Wax mode vaporizer

If you want to use the Tourist focusvape for concentrates, attach the wax attachment to the base. Next fill the filter with water and mount it onto the wax attachment. Load your desired amount of wax onto the applicator, switch the unit to “Wax” mode and set your temperature. When the Tourist has reached temperature, place the concentrates into the titanium nail while drawing from the unit.


Glass Dabbing Rig

The Tourist focusvape heating chamber for wax and concentrates has it’s glass dabbing rig which is very popular in dabbing world. The dabbing bong glass is easy and convenient to use. It has small opening so you can fill the heating chamber after you put on a Water Bubbler.
You can use regular Water Bubbler too.


Dry herb vaporizer

When using with herbs, select the Dry Herb attachment and screw it onto the base of the unit. Unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber and fill it with your desired herbs.
You can use the regular Focusvape Water Bubbler with this mode.


Use the Water Bubbler

If you want to use the unit with the included water filter, screw the mouthpiece back on, remove the glass tip from the mouthpiece, fill the filter with water and place the glass water filter onto the herb attachment.


The two attachments for the Tourist allow the device to be extremely flexible when it comes to temperature. It has very wide range of temperatures. Precision temperature control in 1°C increments, with ranges of:

Mode Dry Herbs:        120°C – 240°C
Mode Concentrates:   250°C – 450°C


Removable battery

The Focusvape Tourist contains an 18650 battery to run the device. When using the herb attachment we found we could get about an hour’s worth of use from the Focusvape Tourist. This is fairly average and to be expected with a unit that only uses one 18650, with other competitor devices lasting roughly 45 minutes.

The 18650 battery is removable so you can certainly purchase extra battery and never run out of power between sessions.

Best Results

When using the device in “Wax Mode” the battery tends to last longer. But this is also because a session with waxes usually only lasts 1 or 2 minutes, as opposed to the 10 – 15 minute sessions with herbs. Thus you will be able to use the Tourist more with waxes without charging as frequently.


Easy to use

The separate attachments make it really easy to switch from herbs to concentrates, ensuring your material is vaporized most efficiently. Make sure to set your device to either “Dry Herb” mode or “Wax” mode depending on which kind of material you’re using. Other than that, operating the Tourist is super simple. Just flip the switch, set your temperature, and get drawin’.


The spill-resistant canisters are also a bit harder than usual to clean, as you’ll have to blow air through the mouthpiece to get cleaner out of the filter. Rinsing thoroughly with water right after will get of any remaining


Awesome Tourist focusvape features

  • OLED Display
  • Separate water bubbler for dry herb and wax (dry herb water bubbler not included)
  • Magnetic base to ensure that the vaporizer stays upright and stable while you vape
  • Dry herb mode: 10-15 cycles per charge
  • Wax mode: 20-25 cycles per charge
  • Changeable battery


-Wide range temperature
Dry herb mode: 120°C-240°C
Wax mode: 250°C-450°C
-Changeable 18650 2500mAh battery

Content of the set:

1*Tourist focusvape Vaporizer
1*2500mAh Battery
1* Concentrate Water Bubbler
1*Dry Herb Head/Attachment
1*Wax Head/Attachment
1*Titanium Nail
1*Magnetic Stand
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual