Focusvape Portable Vaporizer
Focusvape Portable Vaporizer
Focusvape Portable Vaporizer
Focusvape Portable Vaporizer
Focusvape Portable Vaporizer
Focusvape Portable Vaporizer

Focusvape Portable Vaporizer

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The Focusvape is a pen style unit that features a ceramic heating chamber, 6 pre-set temperature settings and airflow control. It’s great for users who want an easy to use dry-herb portable vaporizer.

The newly designed portable vaporizer Focusvape leaves nothing but the highest impression on everybody, either beginners or experienced users. Focusvape vaporizer comes in a kit with every basic accessory you will need to start vaping your favorite herbs immediately! On top of that, you can choose from many amazing accessories, like a bong adapter, water bubbler, Oil & Wax cart, herb bullets, extra battery and other great extras for your Focusvape device.
Our designers left nothing out. On the outside the device is made out of amazing gel wear imitating leather, that comes in 4 different colors. This also protects your device from damage and scratches. You can find the replaceable battery cover on the bottom and a mouthpiece, with a triple filtering system and a Pyrex glass tube at the top of the device. The newly designed ceramic heating chamber provides a very fast heat-up time, and offers excellent vapor with the possibility to adjust airflow.  All you have to do is choosing  from 6 different temperature settings, turn the device ON and wait for it to vibrate, meaning it’s ready to use!
The battery can be removed very easily
 on the spot, so having a spare in your pocket is highly recommendable.

Removable battery

Focusvape is one of the first vaporizers, made primarily for vaping herbs, with removeable 18650 battery. Most portable vaporizers use integrated batteries that lose their full capacity over months or even weeks, forcing users to buy new ones. Forget about problems like that with Focusvape, because you can always carry a spare and change it on the spot, very easily. You need to un-screw the bottom of the device, change the battery and screw the cover on again. Any 18650 battery will fit, but we recommend using an original LG/Samsung 2500mAh High-drain battery.

Quality Design

Focusvape is made to last.
Our designers left nothing out. Silica wear imitates leather and covers the device, not only looking good and feeling right in your hands, but also protecting the device from falls and scratches. The device is made out of high quality metals with golden shine, Pyres glass and ceramic chamber, so it’s nice to handle and operate.
The combination of silica wear and strong metal device construction, makes Focusvape very durable and hard to break or damage.


Focusvape will let you know it’s heated up and ready to use with a vibrating alert. This practical feature is only one of the many advantages, Focusvape has over other portable vaporizers.  When the temperature level in the heating chamber will reach the wanted temperature, the device will stop flashing and it will also vibrate to let you know it’s ready. This feature may not be the most important vaping function, but it helps out a lot when using the vaporizer outside or when loosing your focus between sessions.

6 Temperature Settings

You can choose between 6 different temperature settings, 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C and 220°C. Each one is equipped with different led lights that indicate your current settings. Most experienced users start their sessions with a lower temperature setting and set it higher and higher during the vaping sessions, ending with 220°C.
The device is turned ON and OFF with the same button that controls the temperature settings. However, you only need to press the main button twice to change to a higher temperature. That means users can operate the device functions with only one hand, being a lot easier when walking or hiking.

Controlled air flow

Only with Focusvape you can control the amount of fresh air that can come to the heating chamber to mix with herbs vapor. You can open or close 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 of the full airflow access. The amount of air you let through affects the density and the vapor flavor, allowing you to find and control your personal best vapor flavor.


Most users have never encountered a mouthpiece with such an efficient filtration system and at the same time being so easy to clean. With a combination of golden metal and the best Pyrex glass, with an amazing filter, this mouthpiece really is one of a kind. The filter includes two types of filter screens and a ceramic filter and a heat-off tunnel, with the possibility of adding another filter screen, if needed.

Sealed air flow

The air path that supplies fresh air to the heating chamber, is entirely separated from any other inside parts of the device, so it will produce nothing but the best vapor with the best smell.