APX Wax / Volt Water Bubbler Attachment - 4"

APX Wax / Volt Water Bubbler Attachment - 4"

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Best Vape Bubbler Attachments

The APX Wax / Volt Bubbler Attachment features durable boro glass and a water percolation chamber - turning the popular APX Volt vape into a powerful portable rig. Also works with the APX Wax vape and the APX Wax Barb Coil.

Water Filtration

When it comes to smooth hits, water filtration and percolation are your best friends. This expertly designed glass attachment is made just for this purpose without sacrificing portability. You can set the attachment on its side or take it with you on the go without worry of water spilling. Also, this bubbler attachment helps cool and filter the vapor or smoke for smoother and more comfortable hits.