Crowfest 2022

October 14 & 15, 2022 

Over 10 glassblowers will be doing live demos and competing in the Crow Fest Glass Gams. See the full list below!
Green Belt Glass
Al Gore Glass
Tombstoned Glass
Drewp Glass
Mctrivish Glass
Red Heady Glass
Pied Piper Glass
Bec Bec Glass
Sizzle Snaps Glass
Waffle Waffle Batter Glass
Ouro Boro
Meet and greet with some of your favourite licensed producers including: 
Hybrid Management (Vertical Cannabis, Lot 420, Pistol & Paris, Camino, etc.)
Simply Bare
    Huge savings on cannabis and accessories!

    More details on the Crowfest event can be found here: